Example: Boca thermal printer ticket with 2D barcode

This is an example ticket layout for a Boca thermal printer ticket with a 2D barcode. The result will look like this


  1. Go to the Ticket layouts module in the Settings app and create a new ticket layout and ticket layout template
  2. Copy-paste the html and css from below into the new template
  3. Upload the assets in the Assets module in the Settings app

 1 <!doctype html>
 2 <html>
 3 <head>
 4     <meta charset="utf-8">
 5     <link rel="stylesheet" href="normalize.css">
 7 </head>
 8 <body>
 9     <div id="info">
10       <div class="eventname">{{ ticket.eventname }}</div>
11       <div class="eventinfo">    
12           <div>{{ ticket.eventdatedescription }}</div>
13           <div translate>Doors: {{ ticket.doors }}</div>      
14           <div>***€ {{ ticket.price | number_format(2) }}***</div>
15           <div>{{ ticket.pricetype }}</div>
16           <div>{{ ticket.ticketholder }}</div>
17           <div>{{ ticket.orderid }}/{{ ticket.ticketid }}</div>
18       </div>
19     </div>
20     <div id="barcode-area">
21       <div id="barcode">{{ ticket.barcode_text | qrcode(2.5) }}</div>
22       <div id="barcode-hint">{{ ticket.barcodetextfmt }}</div>
23     </div>
24 </body>
25 </html>


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