Ticketmatic helps you to look greater
Design and usability are at the heart of the Ticketmatic app suite. We provide effective creative tools to aid designers to create attention-grabbing tickets, confirmation e-mails, seating plans, ticket sales screens, and documents.

Create personalized ticket sales flow

Ticketmatic gives you complete control over the appearance, theme and details regarding what your customers see when they purchase tickets. No matter how you dazzle the audience with your venue’s personal marketing touch, rest assured that the Ticketmatic platform is optimized for clarity and usability to ensure that your patrons keep coming back.

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Designed for designers

The Ticketmatic platform ensures that your designer has complete control over everything visual. Designers have direct access to the apps and can use familiar web technologies (HTML, CSS and Twig) to design tickets, documents, and e-mails. Built-in is a unique live preview system to validate your designs with actual data from the system.

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