Ticket sales, done right
Ticketmatic is packed with features to help you get the most out of your ticket sales: upselling, user specific prices, gift vouchers, promo codes, recommendations, event specific content, multi-language support, discounts, and so much more.

Advanced events and pricing

Ticketmatic supports everything you need to define any kind of event: seated or unseated, seating plans with multiple sections and price levels, user defind seat locking, predefined price lists and event-specific prices, and conditional prices and ticket fees.

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Flexible ticket sales configuration

Ticketmatic gives you lots of control over the ticket sales process: use the payment gateway you prefer, set up ticket delivery exactly the way you want to, and use sales channels to manage sales. Order fees kick in automatically depending on the order conditions you specify.

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Create stunning seating plans

Design a vector graphics image in which you freely position seats, indicate rows, exits, the stage, and any other information you want to add. When selling tickets, seat selection is always straightforward, regardless of the size of the seating plan or the device used. And we make sure the venue fills up in your preferred order, while avoiding empty seats.

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Tickets, products and bundles

On top of ticket sales, Ticketmatic also allows you to sell products such as t-shirts, cd’s, loyalty cards, gift vouchers, parking tickets, or drink vouchers. Bundles are a powerful tool to sell groups of tickets and products, such as a multi-day ticket for a festival with drink vouchers or a seasonal program ticket for a fixed number of events.

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Conquer the highest peaks

Our highly scalable infrastructure and software optimized for ultra-fast ticket sales ensure that sales run smoothly, even under high peak loads of web traffic. Temporarily upscale server capacity or activate a waiting queue to easily take the pressure off of your website.

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