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Complete event ticketing,
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Rely on Ticketmatic to set up ticket sales exactly the way you want to.

event ticket sales toolkit

The perfect toolkit for event ticketing

Ticketmatic builds the most powerful and flexible tools for event ticketing. Whether you’re setting up ticket sales for a venue, integrating ticket sales into your app or starting a specialized event ticketing service, Ticketmatic has you covered. We’ve got everything to get you going fast and reliable with a proven and feature rich ticketing system that is being used in hundreds of event ticketing systems in the US and Europe.


Use our API to build what you want

Regardless of Ticketmatic’s many customization options, we believe it is crucial that you always have the freedom to go further and build custom ticket sales processes or integrate with any tool. That’s why we built a complete and well-documented API and give you direct access to the public data model.

 1 //create order
 2 $order = Orders::Create($client, array('saleschannelid' => 2));
 4 //add 2 tickets
 5 Orders::Addtickets($client, $order->id, array(
 6      "tickets" => array(
 7          array("tickettypepriceid" => 578),
 8          array("tickettypepriceid" => 578)
 9      )
10 ));
12 //add a contact as buyer
13 $contact = Contacts::Create($client, array(
14      "email" => "",
15      "firstname" => "Julia",
16      "lastname" => "Huff"
17  ));
18  Orders::Update($client, $order->id, array(
19      "customerid" => $contact->id
20  ));
22 //confirm the order
23 $result = Orders::Confirm($client,$order->id);

Create great ticket sales flows

Design your own flow from scratch or assemble our highly configurable widgets to achieve exactly the process you require. Our widgets are responsive, optimized for easy usage and continue to evolve as our engineers add features and options. And of course, you have full control over the layout of tickets, documents and e-mails with our really cool real-time graphical editor.