Smart wallet

Your own branded ticket wallet app supporting automatic ticket delivery with engaging event information and additional services. Put a stop to illegal resales of tickets with dynamic barcodes.

The smart wallet makes ticket delivery extremely convenient: after placing an order, the buyer receives an immediate push notification confirming the tickets are delivered inside the app. Tickets can contain event information, including text, images, sound, and video. Tickets are guaranteed to be authentic, and you can even secure them against unauthorized resales by using dynamic QR codes. Additionally, users can easily manage their contact details and preferences, resulting in more reliable audience information.

Smartphones have become the primary device for receiving event information and buying tickets. However, the many ways how a smartphone can improve the buyer’s journey are still vastly underused. Often mobile tickets are nothing more than a barcode in a wallet. As a result, your audience misses out on the many advantages of mobile ticketing. 

Starting with convenience: if customers have installed your app, they receive a notification immediately after buying their tickets, informing them that the ticket delivery has taken place. No more printing of tickets, no more wasted paper, no more risk of emails ending up in the spam folder. Ticket delivery is seamless, fast, and guaranteed. 

Because customers receive tickets through a custom app with your branding, they are sure tickets are legit, and there is no risk of fraud. Better yet, if you choose to activate dynamic barcodes for popular events, customers can no longer resell tickets on the black market, as transferring these tickets out of your app will be impossible. This way, you combat scalping, often at inflated prices. The Ticketmatic scanning app deals with these dynamic codes effortlessly.

Your branded smart wallet is also the ideal place to inform audiences about the venue or the event. With content-rich tickets, your audience immediately has a complete event brochure at hand, including practical information and media content. This gives you another opportunity to enhance the customer experience.

Customers can easily manage their data and subscriptions inside the app. In addition to improving the quality of your audience data, the app enables you to comply with privacy regulations. And because customers can easily send tickets to friends through the app, more ticket holders are identified, which could also improve data quality.

The smart wallet app could also be a great starting point for the authenticated buying of tickets. When customers buy tickets using the app, their profiles will be verified automatically, without the need to log in or register with every purchase. 

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