Interactive dashboards

Review audience and ticket sales to get valuable insights.
Know what is going on right now with real-time dashboards. 

Dedicated interactive dashboards guide you through the interpretation of important ticketing and audience data. They help you to understand what matters: how is the ticket sale going? Who is buying what? Drill down and explore your data by interactively selecting data on the graphs.

You collect a lot of valuable information when selling tickets to an audience. Understanding all of the collected data and using it effectively can be quite challenging. What’s more, the large amount of data can seem overwhelming, making it hard to identify valuable insights. Many ticketing systems require technical knowledge to interpret data or even additional integrations with external data analytics tools.

That’s why Ticketmatic has built specific dashboards for analyzing your audience, ticket sales, and event data, displaying all the relevant information at a glance. Provided by several dashboards per topic, you can approach data easily from different angles.

Drill down your dashboards by clicking on a metric, or use the provided selection tools to get a more detailed and granular view within the dataset you are analyzing. Let your interactions be a powerful way to interpret data and uncover patterns. 

Interactive dashboard on audience location
Interactive dashboard on audience location
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