Box office

Everything your box office staff needs
for seamless ticket sales and great customer service.

The box office tool is a powerful app for easy order creation and management. Whatever the operation required on an order, the box office allows you to take care of it. User-friendly screens give access to every detail of every order. Specific attention has been paid to fast and reliable ticket printing, using any type of printer.

Think of the box office as a pilot's control panel: this is where you take full control of ticketing operations. Search for any order on any relevant field and immediately find what you're looking for.

Order detail screen with tickets, bundle and product in one fully paid order.
Order detail screen with tickets, bundle and product in one fully paid order.

With the order detail view, you can view all the key information at a glance: which tickets are in this order, what is the status of payment and delivery, who bought the tickets, and so on. Access a detailed log to find out what exactly happened to this order at which time. Were tickets downloaded? Which confirmation mail was sent? Who changed what?

Order log showing steps between order creation and delivery.
Order log showing steps between order creation and delivery.

The box office is highly customizable and allows you to define any specific list of orders that is useful for your situation. For example: a list of all chronological orders, a list of unpaid orders for tonight's event, a list of all orders by subscribers, and so on.

Creating new orders is very straightforward and the box office can be configured to suit your needs. All types of scenarios are covered: selling through the physical box office with immediate payment, phone orders that generate an email with payment instructions, sales in remote locations. The quick sales interface allows you to sell tickets fast for selected events and products.

Some features

  • Manual operations on orders: add and remove tickets, change seats, correct payments, print and email tickets, redeliver tickets, refund tickets, resend payment instructions, and so on.
  • Sell tickets, vouchers, products, subscriptions
  • Fast order entry
  • Support for phone sales
  • Contact search, creation and management
  • Order log - a detailed view of the actions that have been performed on an order, at what time and by whom
  • Fast and reliable printing on local printer through dedicated local app
  • Advanced access rights linked to user profiles
  • Payment methods of your choice (more on payment handling)
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