Audience CRM

A complete CRM system specifically designed for working with audiences, with all your audience data readily available for campaigns and analysis.

Having a comprehensive audience database is essential for successful ticket sales and marketing. The Audience CRM gives you full control over your audience data. With easy filters, customizable data and views, subscription management and clear customer details.

The ticketing process naturally collects a lot of audience data. In order to make good use of this data, you need a dedicated CRM system. Many ticketing systems require you to integrate with an external CRM system, which can be technically difficult and often leads to complications. Other suppliers capture your audience data for their own use, giving you only limited access to it or, in some cases, no access whatsoever.

The Audience CRM tool gives you ownership and direct access to all of your audience data. It opens with a complete list of all your audience contacts, which you can refine by using filters. By simply selecting and combining filters, you can effortlessly easily build the audience selection you want.

When you select a specific customer in the list, the customer detail screen opens, giving you a complete overview of that customer.

The customer detail screen with timeline
The customer detail screen with timeline

Data quality is key, and therefore Ticketmatic helps you to keep the data as clean as possible:

  • Automatic address completion prevents your customers from entering incorrect addresses. This way you can be sure all the listed address details are reliable.
  • Audience self-service allows customers to keep their own data up to date.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a CRM system. Can I integrate this into Ticketmatic?

Of course, that's what the complete Ticketmatic API is for. Keep in mind integrations tend to be complex and can create synchronization issues if poorly implemented. That's why most Ticketmatic clients prefer to use the already built-in Audience CRM.

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