Order Mail Templates

Order mail templates are used to construct e-mails sent to customers.

Before working with order mail templates, be sure to read the order mail design guide.


There are 6 types of order mail templates:

  • Confirmation (3101)
  • Delivery (3102)
  • Payment instructions (3103)
  • Overdue notices (3104)
  • Expiration notices (3105)
  • Waitinglist group confirmation (3106)

Subject & Body

Both the subject and body fields allow using Twig variables. These are described in setting up order mails.

The body should contain a valid HTML document. Be sure to include a charset definition:

1<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

Any CSS embedded into the document header will be inlined for proper display in mail clients.


Any HTML tag annotated with a translate attribute is considered translatable.

These translations can be defined using the gettext format. The translations field contains a map with language codes as keys and .po files as their values.