Payment Scenarios

A payment scenario defines how a customer will pay for an order. This is not necessarily linked to a specific payment. When a customer selects a payment scenario for an order, a process is started. The actual process depends on the type of payment scenario:

  • Immediate payment: in this case, the payment must be executed immediately by using one of the payment methods that is linked to the payment scenario.

  • Deferred payment: in this case, the payment can be executed later and the order can be confirmed without payment. You can configure overdue and expiry parameters to define how long the order can stay unpaid before considering the order as overdue or expired and sending out reminder mails or even cancelling the order automatically

An order fee can defined for a payment scenario: this fee will automatically be added to the order when the payment scenario is selected.false

A payment scenario is available for one or more sales channels. A custom script can further refine when the payment scenario is available.

Examples include: Credit card, Bank transfer, Cash