Order Fees

Order fees determine which extra costs or discounts can be added to an order.


There are two types:

  • Automatic (2401): Order fees of this type are added automatically to an order if the order matches the rules of the orderfee. Rules can be matched based on a saleschannel, deliveryscenario and/or paymentscenario.
  • Script (2402): Order fees of this type consist of a piece of custom javascript. When the order cost is evaluated, this javascript is executed and the return value is added to the order.
  • Manual (2403): Manually specified order fees.


An automatic order fee can have multiple rules. The general rules should be defined first and the exceptions later. Whenever the rules of an (automatic) order fee are checked it will execute the last rule that matches.

A match will occur if the order has a saleschannel, delivery scenario and payment scenario that matches the OrderfeeAutoRule. If it’s matched (and it is was the last rule that matched) the defined value will be added, based on the status (fixedfee or percentagefee).


An order fee of type script consists of a javascript. This javascript is always executed and the number that is returned is added to the order amount. This script has an order object available. You can find more info about writing order scripts here.


A manual order fee is never applied automatically. It can be used when importing historic orders, to manually set a price per order.