Product types

There are 4 product types:

  • Simple (26001)
  • Voucher (26002)
  • Fixed bundle (26003)
  • Option bundle (26004)

You can find more information about these types here.

Each product can have one or more variants (t-shirt sizes for example). These variants are controlled by properties and each property can have one or more values. For instance if you want to create a t-shirt product that has multiple sizes, you should create a single product, with one property (size) which has multiple values (Small, Medium, Large).

To create a price for each specific variant, the instancevalues property should be populated. A product should always have a default price configured and if different prices for specific variants of a product are desired, these can be controlled with instance value exceptions.

Each instance value exception contains one or more property values to match. If all the property values match, this instance value exception is selected to control the price for that specific product variant.

For non simple products (like vouchers and bundle) the instancevalues also contain other content, such as which voucherid should be used when generating a new voucher or which tickettypeprices should be used for the fixed bundle.

Take a look at the examples for creating a new product to see how properties and instancevalues work.