Delivery Scenarios

A delivery scenario defines how an order will be delivered.

You can define an order fee for a delivery scenario and you can define in which conditions a delivery scenario is available. Typically, the customer will select the delivery scenario most appropriate for him.

Examples include: Print at home, Mobile, Send by mail, Retrieve at desk


There are 3 types of delivery scenarios:

  • Manual (2501): delivery of the tickets will happen manually by the seller. This could be via a daily or weekly print.
  • Automatic after full payment (2502): Ticketmatic will deliver the tickets automatically once the outstanding balance for the order reaches 0 (full payment).
  • Automatic after confirmation (2503): Ticketmatic will deliver the tickets automatically as soon as the order is confirmed.


The full rules for defining when a delivery scenario can be used are defined in DeliveryscenarioAvailability.