Setting up access control with the Ticketmatic Scanning app

With the Ticketmatic Scanning app you can use an Android device to perform access control fast and reliably. The barcode scanner is specifically designed to efficiently scan both paper tickets and mobile tickets on smartphones.

The Ticketmatic Scanning app is available for Android and is free to download.


The app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to scan tickets even for people without practical experience.

Some features of the Ticketmatic Scanning app:

  • After initializing the app with your Ticketmatic account, you can select the event you want to scan tickets for from the app: there is no need to manage this in the Ticketmatic app
  • The scan app will locally store all valid barcodes for the event. This has several advantages:
    • Scanning tickets itself is very fast because the app does not need to make a connection with the server to check whether a barcode is valid
    • The scan app will keep on working even if the internet connection would temporarily be unavailable
  • While scanning, the app will synchronize continuously with the servers so you can use multiple scanners at the same time and you can followup the scan sessions in real time.
  • The app supports both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • The app is available for Android
  • It is also possible to use the built in camera of the device to scan tickets. This can be handy when only a limited number of tickets must be scanned or to temporarily add an additional device
  • On a valid scan, the price type of the ticket is displayed, allowing extra validation of the ticket

You can download the app here:


Scanner hardware

For high performance scanning it is recommended to combine the Ticketmatic Scanning app with specific scanning hardware that is compatible with your Android device. This will allow fast and reliable scanning, even in difficult circumstances.

Ticketmatic does not sell scanner hardware directly.

The Ticketmatic Scanning app will work on a range of devices. We can recommend following devices that are used by several customers:

Scanner software

Latest version

If your Android device does not have access to Google’s Play Store and there is no auto update available, the latest software can be found here: Version 5.3.

Older versions


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