Selling tickets through the Box office


Box office is meant to offer broad general-purpose functionality, facilitating creation and management of orders of all types and sizes. For specific use cases (for example repetitive sales for just one or a couple of events), it can be better to build a dedicated order entry app using the API.

You can open the Box office app from within the Orders app, either by selecting “New order” or by opening an existing order.

Box office is a powerfull app allowing you to create and manipulate orders and to locally print tickets fast and reliably, using any type of printer. (More on Box office printing)

Complementary to the the Boxoffice app, Ticketmatic also provides the External sales app, a streamlined ticket sales app through which you can allow partners to easily sell your tickets.


  • The « Basket » pane on the left shows all the tickets and other items in the order, grouped by event or type of item. Depending on the type of ticket or item you add to an order, the appropriate dialogs will open (for example seating plan for tickets for a seated event). Selecting tickets and items allows you to edit, remove, print of preview.

  • The top right « Customer » pane shows info on the buyer and allows you to view or edit contact details or to add a new contact.

  • Underneath, the « Payment & delivery » pane shows how this order will be paid and delivered. Ticketmatic supports many options here, check out Payments and Delivery methods for more information.

  • The bottom right pane gives you all information on the actual payments related to this order.

Actions on an order

Confirmed orders can be e-mailed or printed at any time by clicking the appropriate buttons at the top.

The « Actions » menu shows the actions you can perform on an order. Most are self explanatory, but worth noticing are :

  • Create document : create beautifuly laid out documents using the information in the order. This is useful for documents such as address slips or order confirmations. (More on designing html documents in Ticketmatic.)
  • Refund : automatically refund (part of) payments that the customer has done.


Opening up the order log gives you a detailed view of the actions that have been performed on this order, at what time and by whom.


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