Setting up ticket delivery

Ticketmatic supports automatic online delivery of tickets where tickets are delivered by e-mail or as mobile tickets. In addition, Ticketmatic also supports manual delivery workflows like delivery by physical mail.

You configure the delivery options available by setting up delivery scenarios. A delivery scenario defines how an order will be delivered. For each sales channel you can configure which delivery scenarios are available. Some examples of delivery scenarios are: Print at home, Send by mail, Retrieve at desk.

Delivery scenarios are managed in the Settings app. Click the button below to go to the Delivery scenarios module:

Go to delivery scenarios

Set up a delivery scenario

  1. Click the Add button

  2. Fill in a name for the delivery scenario and an optional description. The description is visible for buyers and allows them to select the most appropriate delivery scenario

  3. Select the delivery scenario trigger:

    • If you select Manual, the delivery status will not update automatically.
    • If you select Payment, the delivery status will update automatically once the order is completely paid.
    • If you select Confirmation, the delivery status will update once the order is confirmed, even when the payment is not completed yet.
  4. If you chose Payment or Confirmation as delivery scenario trigger, you can select the desired Delivery status after trigger:

    • If you select Delivered, you can optionally select the mail template to use for delivering the tickets. The e-mail can be fully custimized. More info on setting up order mails
    • If you select Delivery started, you can optionally select mail templates to use for both announcing the delivery and for the actual delivery.
  5. If you want to deliver the tickets automatically:

    • Include the links to the actual tickets in the e-mail template you selected in step 4.
    • Set the Allow e-tickets field to PDF & Mobile to allow the user to download tickets from the order detail page after order confirmation.
  6. If you do not want to deliver the tickets automatically:

    • Only include delivery information in the e-mail template selected in step 4. For example “Your tickets will be delivered by regular mail.”
    • Set the Allow e-tickets field to No
  7. Decide whether a physical address is required for the delivery scenario. If set, the customer will need to enter a valid delivery address for the order when selecting this delivery scenario.

  8. Decide for which sales channels the delivery scenario is available. A custom availability script can further refine when the delivery scenario is available. More info on creating availability scripts


An order fee can defined for a delivery scenario: this fee will automatically be added to the order when the delivery scenario is selected.


You can also use the API to manage delivery scenarios. See the API reference for Delivery scenarios


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