Event content

In addition to event information that is necessary for selling tickets (for example date, location and pricing information) you can store more content-related information for an event.

This information can be used throughout the system:

  • on ticket layouts
  • in the ticket shop
  • in order mails
  • in the Ticketmatic app
  • in external systems by using the API

Event content is managed in the Events app. Click the button below to go there:

Go to events

Go to the detail page for an event and click the Event content tab.

Event content tab

Event content fields


For each event you can store an image. The image automatically is available online on a unique url. The url can be retrieved by clicking on the image or by using the API. Important to know: that the image url will change when you upload a new image, so make sure to keep this in sync when you link directly to the url, or use the api to retrieve the correct url.

The image is automatically available in multiple sizes, so you can use the size that best fits your need. To retrieve the url for a resized image, replace the .{extension} by .{size}.{extension}. The available sizes are: 1280, 960, 640, 480, 320 and 240 pixels wide.

Example: if the base url is https://apps.ticketmatic.com/filestore/image.5aeb0912b4182.jpg, the resized image url are:

Description, schedule and info

Description, schedule and info are text fields that each contain more detailed info about the event:

  • description contains a more detailed description of what the event is about in order to make visitors interested in attending the event.
  • schedule contains practical info about the event timing: when does it start and end? when do the doors open?
  • info contains other practical info about the event that is relevant for people attending the event. For example: what to bring or not to bring? what is allowed/prohibited?

These fields are text fields and can contain a limited set of markdown. We currently support:


# Header 1
## Header 2

###### Header 6


**bold** *italic*

[Link name](https://www.link.com/)


* list item 1
* list item 2
* list item 3

Tip: If you want to insert a line break after a sentence, include 2 spaces at the end.


You can add multiple audio or video previews for an event. We currently support iTunes and Youtube previews.

An iTunes preview is a 30-second audio preview for a track that is available in iTunes. Use the search facility in Ticketmatic to retrieve the track.

A Youtube preview is a video preview that links to a youtube video. Simply add the Youtube video id to create this kind of preview.


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