Setting up products

A Product can be used in Ticketmatic to sell items that are not tickets in itself, but are related to ticket sales. Examples include merchandise like t-shirts, cd’s or books, loyalty cards, gift vouchers, parking tickets, drinking vouchers,…

Products can be sold to the buyer through web widgets, boxoffice or API.

There are 3 types of Products:

  • Simple: Simple products are products that have no specific workflow or functionality attached. They can be added to Orders, and fullfilment is handled manually.
  • Voucher: A voucher product is linked to a voucher. When selling a voucher product, a vouchercode will automatically be attached to the product. This effectively allows selling pricetype or payment vouchers. This can for example be used to sell reduction cards or gift vouchers. Voucher products are managed from the vouchers module. More info on vouchers
  • Bundle: A bundle allows you to sell a group of tickets together. This can be used for selling for example combi-tickets or seasonal programs. Bundle products are managed from the bundles module. More info on bundles

Products can have one or more properties. E.g. for a product ’t-shirt’, you might have property size. Possible values are: S, M, L. When a product is sold, a value for the property must be chosen. The price of the product depends on the property that is selected.

Products are managed in the Events app. Click the button below to go there:

Go to events

Getting started: create a simple Product ‘T-Shirt’

Go to Manage other items -> Products and click on the Add button.


* Fill in a name (T-Shirt) and optional description for the product. * Select a category for the product, in this case "Merchandise". * Leave the Layout field empty. As the T-shirt will be delivered physically, no ticket needs to be printed for it. * The T-shirt will exist in sizes S, M and L. So add a property "Size" with these values:


Now fill in the price for each size of T-shirt:


Finally, fill in the sales period and the sales channels that should be active and press Save. The T-shirt is now ready for sale and you will find the plug and play sales link at the bottom of the form.

Products and ticketlayout

A Product is different from a ticket for an event in the sense that it is not always the case that a ticket needs to be printed for it. Some products require no printed ticket, but are simply delivered physically (for example a T-shirt or a book).

You can decide yourself whether a Product is represented by a ticket document by configuring the ticketlayout. If you leave the ticketlayout empty, no ticket document will be generated for a product in an Order.

If you do provide a ticketlayout for a product, the document will be generated together with the event tickets. You can define specific ticketlayouts for products and use appropriate placeholders. For example for voucher products, you can print the barcode for the linked voucher. More info on defining ticketlayouts

Product categories

Each product belongs to a category. The category defines the type of product, and is used for correctly naming the product itself but also the holder of such a product. For example, we could have a category Merchandise where the holder of such a product is called Owner.

Product categories can be managed in the module Account Parameters -> Labels and types -> Edit product categories.


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