Contacts is Ticketmatic’s CRM app, allowing you to manage all your contacts, gain insight in your audience, make targeted selections, and much more.

A “single database of truth”

Many organizations selling tickets are confronted with having multiple contact databases: audience data from selling tickets, subscriptions to mailinglists, data from campaigns, info from relations such as press, volunteers, donors and so on. The proper solution to this is to have one single database containing all the organization’s contacts, the “single database of truth”.

To achieve this, Ticketmatic Contacts is designed to be :

  • flexible, allowing you to easily add custom fields through the Custom fields app,
  • open: data can easiliy be synchronized with other apps through the API.

Contact details

In contrast with most CRM apps, Contacts is specifically designed to handle large numbers of contacts. The central list view has infinite scrolling (bye bye paging). You can define any list view using the Views app under Settings.

Click on any contact in the list to open the contact details, showing personal details, statistics and a chronological log containing orders and entries for all communications.


The filters on the left allow you to make advanced selections. Filters are very easy to use, also for non-technical users.

Defining new filters of course does require technical knowledge: if you know SQL and familiarize yourself with the Ticketmatic Public Data Model, it is very easy to define new filters tailored to your specific requirements using the Filter definitions app. Note that you can use custom fields in filters and views.

Understanding your audience

On top of the default list view, two analytical views help you to get insight in your audience:

  1. Summary: gives you some statistics on the data in the list. (Remark that these statistics are linked to the filters which gives you a better understanding of the types of people within the current selection.)
  2. Map: a geographical view based on the addresses of the contacts in the current selection. There are three levels of maps : counties, states and countries.


Your organization typically has a specific type of relation to some of your contacts. A contact can for example be a “donor” or a “board member”.

Ticketmatic allows you to define a hierarchy in relationships, for example “Press” > “TV” or “Press” > “Written”. This allows you to generally select all contacts being “Press” or select the more specific group of “Press” > “TV”.

To manage the relationship type of contacts, select the appropriate contacts by checking the box in the first column and choose the appropriate action under “Actions”.

Relationship types are managed through “Edit relation types” under the Account parameters Settings app.


To enable your organization to work with your contacts in a professional manner, Ticketmatic can keep track of one or more opt-ins for your contacts. For each opt-in Ticketmatic will keep a detailed record for each contact that shows when the customer has opted in/out and through which channel this opt-in was provided.

Using the filters you can easily make selections of your contacts which you want to target for a communication or for which you want to reset the opt-in question.

More information about opt-ins can be found in this article.

Email marketing

Ticketmatic has defined a protocol to synchronize data with emailmarketing tools. A predefined connector is available for MailChimp and CampaignMonitor, but you can develop extra connectors if you want.

Read the specific articles on this subject for more info.


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