What needs to be done to start selling tickets ?

Well, not much, but it all depends on how specific your requirements are and how far you want to go to make your setup exactly the way you want it.

The only required step in order to go in production and start selling tickets, is to activate a license (yellow bar at the top in the backoffice). When activating a license, you will need to :

  • Provide the legal information of the account owner.
  • Choose the pricing you prefer.
  • Provide the credentials of your Payment Service Provider account (e.g. Stripe, Paypal), so make sure you have these at hand.

Also, if you want to use a seating plan for selling tickets, obviously you need to set up the seating plan first.

All other configuration is strictly speaking optional as you get working defaults for everything. However, there are many advantages in doing at least these three things:

  1. Design your ticket layout.
  2. Design your web skin (the layout of the tickets sales web pages).
  3. Design your order emails.

Doing these gives your ticket sales your own look and feel, which has a big impact on customer experience and improves conversion.

Ticketmatic gives you full control over all aspects of your ticketing, so you can always start out with a pretty basic setup and build on that at any time.

Improving ticket sales, marketing and productivity

We know from experience that every organisation is different and has its own requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all setup that can bring you the many advantages of a well targeted setup, specifically tailored to your organisation. To identify what setup is best to get the maximal benefits, it is usually a really good idea to have some discussions:

on marketing :

Filters allow you to easily make targeted audience selections and combined with graphs and maps you get a better understanding of your audience. So ask yourself:

  • What filters do we want?
  • Do we want custom fields for contacts, events, orders or tickets? (for example customer preferences, tag people as vip, genres for events, …).
  • Shall we link customer data to our email marketing tool (MailChimp, CampaignMonitor or others) so we can send targeted emails?
  • What valuable customer and historical data do we have that we can import in Ticketmatic?
  • How exactly do we want the sales process to look like?
  • What fields shall we ask our customers to fill in when registering?
  • How should we integrate in our website? (It is good that webmaster knows about Ticketmatic and its many options as he or she might have some great ideas to improve the website using audience data.)
  • What ticket sales process (check out flow) do we want? Do we use widgets or build a custom checkout using the API?

on operations :

  • Which views and filters would be really handy at the box office?
  • Are we going to use really fast laser scanners for access control or scan directly with an Android device?
  • Are we also going to sell tickets through partners using the external sales app?

on finance :

  • What reports would be really handy for our bookkeeping?
  • Do we want the reports sent automatically? How often and to Whom?
  • Do we want ticketing financials to be integrated with bookkeeping? Through (scheduled) data exports or through API?


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