General Ticketmatic setup

This article describes the general parameters that can be configured for a Ticketmatic account.

These are managed in the Account parameters module in the Settings app. Click the button below to go there:

Go to account parameters

General settings

The account name is used both in the backoffice application (to identify accounts) but also in various communications to customers: footer notices on the web sales pages, links in e-mails etc. This should generally be the name of the organization.

Languages defines which languages are enabled for the account. Special care should be taken with regards to the ordering of the languages: the first language is used as the base language. All content in the backoffice application is shown in this base language. Content translations for other languages can be configured through the various translation screens.

Consult the translations article for more information on how multi-language setups work.

Allowed domains can be used to configure custom web sales domains for widgets, like instead of the default You can specify additional domains (one per line) to allow sales on custom domains. More info on setting up a custom domain

Labels and types allows you to configure various labels, types and identifiers. Use this to configure:

* Customer titles * Customer field caption translations * Address types * Phone number types * Relation types * Product categories


Configure general settings regarding sending e-mails from the application:

  • E-mail sender: From address used in all outgoing mails. Before you can send mail, the e-mail address will need to be whitelisted by Ticketmatic and confirmed. Also SPF and DKIM records will need to be created by you. Contact Ticketmatic to start this process. If you fill in an e-mail address that is not whitelisted, no mails will be delivered.
  • E-mail recipient: Mainly used during account setup and testing. Should generally be blank for production accounts. When filled in, all e-mail is sent to this e-mail address instead of the actual recipient. Enter a value of NOMAIL to disabled e-mail sending alltogether.
  • BCC address: Allows you to send a copy of all e-mails to a specific e-mail address. Great for archiving all communications and can be very useful for support purposes.
  • Postmark API key: Fill in a postmark server API key if you want to use your own Postmark server to send transactional mails. This gives you full insight in mails sent and in the delivery of mails, and gives you full control over sender signatures and bounces. See for more info.

You can retrieve the Postmark API key under Server -> Credentials:



Under notifications, you can configure e-mail addresses that should receive notifications when we encounter operational issues with the account. We made a distinction between two categories of error:

  • Operational errors: Operational errors are related to payment failures or order exceptions. They are mostly caused by problems with 3rd-party suppliers, like the payment gateway. Typically, a box office responsible should handle these issues.

  • Operational configuration errors: These errors are related to invalid configurations like invalid placeholders, invalid ticketlayouts or invalid documents. The cause is likely a wrong configuration of the account. Typically, the person responsible for the account setup should handle these issues.

For each type of notification, you can specify one or more e-mail addresses.

Web sales defaults

This panel configures the plug and play websales configuration. See the plug and play websales guide for more information.


The Order expiry time is the number of minutes of inactivity after which tickets from unconfirmed orders are released.


Configure some general event parameters:

  • Default start time: All events have a start time, this field defines the default value used when creating a new event.
  • Default contingent name: The default name for a block of tickets.
  • Default ticket layout: The ticket layout that will be used by default.
  • Default maximum tickets: Maximum amount of tickets that can be added to a basket for an event.

Each of these parameters can be overridden per event.

Date & Time


Country-specific settings allow to set some country specific behaviour.

  • Default country: This is the country that will be set as default when creating an address for a contact.
  • Use middle name: When this option is set, the field middle name will be activated and will be used when creating or viewing a contact.


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