Configuring ticket sales

To allow you to set up ticket sales exactly the way you want, Ticketmatic gives you lots of control over many aspects of the sales process:

Settings app or API?

All configuration can be done through the Settings app as described above.

However, all aspects of the configuration can also be fully managed through the API, giving you the possibility to automate part of the configuration or integrate it with another tool or website.

  • Accepting payments explains how to set up credit card and other payment methods and link your account to payment gateways. You can choose from several payment providers like Stripe or Paypal.
  • Setting up ticket delivery explains how to configure ticket delivery methods.
  • Ticketmatic gives you full control over the look & feel:
  • Set up order fees to automatically add value or percentage based fees to the order. You can define under which conditions the fees will be added.
  • Configure sales channels to define contexts in which orders are created.


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