Setting up the printclient

Ticketmatic provides a native printclient to speed up ticket printing.

You can see if you have the printclient installed by going to Settings -> Printers.


If you have the printclient installed and it’s running you will see the following:


To test the printclient, go to an existing order and press the “Print tickets” button.

If you don’t have the printclient helper and extension installed you will see the following:

Not detected

If that’s the case you will need to install the printclient.


The printclient consists of two parts:

  • A small helper application, that talks to printers
  • A browser extension, which connects the Ticketmatic app to the helper application

Both need to be installed separately.

Installing the helper application

Use one of the following installation instructions to install the helper application, depending on the operating system you use:

Installing the browser extension

The browser extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You’ll need to use one of these browsers to be able to use the printclient.

Test the printclient

Once the helper application and a browser extension have been installed, please restart your browser and go to Settings -> Printers. The printclient should be detected and a list of printers should be shown.

Managed deployments

Extra instructions are available for automated provisioning of the printclient:


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