Using the sales dashboard

Use the sales dashboard to get a real-time overview of the sales status of an event. This sales dashboard is automatically available for each event you create, and the sales dashboard can easily be shared with external stakeholders.

You can find the sales dashboard in the Events module. Click the button below:

Go to events

Click on any event and go to the sales dashboard tab:


The sales dashboard displays:

* Current total numbers of sold, reserved, in basket, free and locked tickets; * The same numbers in a horizontal bar chart, with a bar chart per contingent if applicable; * Graphs representing the tickets sales troughout the sales period: day by day and cumulative.

Explanation of the ticket statuses:

* `Sold`: the ticket is in a confirmed order that is completely paid * `Reserved`: the ticket is in a confirmed order that is not completely paid * `In basket`: the ticket is in an unconfirmed order, meaning that the buyer has not yet completed the order checkout. An unconfirmed order will be deleted automatically 20 minutes after the last action * `Free`: the ticket is available for sale * `Locked`: the ticket is locked and not available for sale

Sharing the sales dashboard

The sales dashboard for a specific event can shared with external stakeholders such as booking agencies, producers or promotors. When external stakeholders log in, they will only see the sales dashboard for the events they specifically received access.


To share the sales dashboard of a specific event with one or more users, click the “Share…” button on the top right and select the users that will get access. To add a new user click Share with a new person and fill in the person’s e-mail address. The person will receive an invite by e-mail. To revoke the access of a person to the sales dashboard of a specific event, simply uncheck that person.



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