Accepting payments

In order to accept credit card or other payments, you need to peform a few steps:

  1. Activate one or more payment gateways
  2. Set up payment methods
  3. Set up payment scenarios

1. Activate a payment gateway

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes online payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account. Funds received are transferred directly from the payment gateway to you, Ticketmatic is not involved in that process.

There are a large number of payment gateways active on the market and each have their own advantages. It is up to you to select a payment gateway that best suits your needs. Ticketmatic can technically support all common payment gateways, provided they meet the minimum quality requirements.

Contact you Ticketmatic account manager to help you selecting your payment gateway.

When you have activated the payment gateway, you are ready to set up your payment methods.

2. Set up payment methods

A payment method specifies how an actual payment is made, and it is linked to a specific payment gateway. Payment methods are managed in the Settings app. Click the button below to go to the Payment methods module:

Go to payment methods

Adding a payment method

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Fill in a name for the payment method and select type Stripe
  3. Fill in the secret key and publishable key for your Stripe account. These can be found in your Stripe acount under Your account -> Account settings -> API Keys.

3. Set up payment scenarios

A payment scenario defines how a customer will pay for an order. For each sales channel you define the payment scenarios that are available. Payment scenarios are either immediate or deferred.

  • An order with a payment scenario of type immediate must be paid before the order can be confirmed. You will need to link an appropriate payment method. The payment will be processed by the payment gateway that is linked to the payment method.
  • An order with a payment scenario of type deferred can be confirmed without an immediate payment and can be paid later.

Ticketmatic supports 5 kind op payment scenario’s:

Payment scenarioTypeDescription
ImmediateImmediateFor example online credit card payment
Bank transferDeferredThe payment must be executed by making a bank transfer to a specified account
Deferred onlineDeferredAfter confirmation, the buyer will receive a mail with a link to carry out this payment. Payment can be carried out online using this link
Deferred otherDeferredThe payment will be executed after confirmation of the order
Mollie bank transferDeferred(Only available when payment gateway Mollie is active) The payment must be executed by making a bank transfer to a bank account managed by Mollie

Payment scenarios are managed in the Settings app. Click the button below to go to the Payment scenarios module:

Go to payment scenarios

Adding a payment scenario

A typical example of this kind of payment scenario is Online credit card (for online orders) or a Cash payment (for box office orders).


  • Payment methods: You have to specify the payment methods that can be used when selecting this payment scenario.

Order expiry for deferred payment scenarios

For order with a deferred payment scenario, you can configure overdue and expiry parameters to define how long the order can stay unpaid before considering the order as overdue or expired. You can automatically send out reminder mails or even cancelling the order automatically when it expires.

When you activate expiry for a payment scenario, it will automatically be made unavailable if the date of the first event in an order is too close. If for example you define expiry after 10 days, the payment scenario will only be available for new orders when the first event in the order is at least 11 days in the future. This way, you can be sure that either the payment is received or that the order is cancelled on time.

The expiry date is recalculated each time you update the payment scenario for an order, and we use the current date as starting point for calculating expiry.


An order fee can defined for a payment scenario: this fee will automatically be added to the order when the payment scenario is selected.


A payment scenario is available for one or more sales channels. A custom script can further refine when the payment scenario is available. More info on creating availability scripts


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