Setting up external sales for partners

The external sales app makes it easy to set up a temporary or remote Point of Sale. It allows for simple and efficient ticket sales by external partners. The app is very easy and wizard based to to get the partner up and running fast without training. The focus is on order entry: only orders that are completely paid can be printed and no orders or payments can be deleted or modified by the partner after entry.

Setup requirements for the partner are minimal: a regular pc with a modern browser, a regular printer and decent internet connection is all that’s needed. (Specialized thermal ticket printers are supported if needed, requiring some additional setup.)

All orders created through the External Sales are processed through a separate external sales channel. An external sales channel is secure with easy control over available events, prices, fees, payment methods, delivery methods and ticketlayouts. All settings can be changed at any time.

In addition to tickets for events, an external sales channel supports selling products, vouchers and bundles.

The sales progress of the external sales channel can be monitored in real time through the Orders app, where all details are visible and orders can be modified if required. The partner has detailed and realtime info on sales performance and money received. Detailed reporting allows correct financial settlement with the partner.

Setting up the external sales channel

1. Create a new sales channel

  • Go to the Sales channel module in the Settings app and click on “Create sales channel”
  • Type a name for the new sales channel, and select “External” as Type
  • Save the sales channel

2. Create one or more payment methods

As financial settlements will take place between the partner and the organisation, it is important that all payments received by the partner are recorded on separate payment methods. You should at least create one payment method, but you can create more in order to distinguish between partner payment methods (e.g. when handling vouchers or electronic payments)

  • Go to the Payment methods module in the Settings app and click on “Create payment method”
  • Type a name for the payment method and select type “Internal” (no other types are available for external sales channels)

3. Create a payment scenario

You need to create a payment scenario to group the payment methods created in the previous step and make them available to the new sales channel.

  • Go to the Payment scenarios module in the Settings app and click on “Create payment scenario”
  • Type a name for the new payment scenario and select type “Immediate payment”
  • Then select the paymentmethods you created in the previous step
  • Activate the payment scenario for the sales channel by checking it in ‘Availability’

4. Add a new delivery scenario

Although not really necessary, it is probably a good idea to create a new delivery scenario specifically for the new external sales channel.

  • Go to the Delivery scenarios module in the Settings app and click on “Create deliveryscenario”
  • Type a name for the new deliveryscenario and use following settings:
    • Allow E-tickets: No (the tickets will be printed at the desk)
    • Mail template: keep empty (e-mail delivery is not necessary)
    • Type: Manual
  • Activate the deliveryscenario for the sales channel by checking it in ‘Availability’

5. Configure the ticketlayout

If you created a new deliveryscenario, you will have to configure the ticketlayout that needs to be used. Go to the right ticketlayout, and activate it for the deliveryscenario.

6. Activate priceavailabilities and configure events

Now you can activate the prices and events that you want to sell through the external sales channel

7. Create one or more users for the external sales channel

  • Go to the Users module and click on “Add user”
  • Fill in the e-mail address of the external user
  • Select “External Sales” as Acess level and select the previously created sales channel

Repeat the previous steps if you want to give more users access to this external sales channel.

The new user(s) will receive an e-mail with an invitation to join your organisation from Ticketmatic.


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