Quick sales

Quick sales is specifically designed to speed up ticket sales in the box office. The main use case is selling tickets in the box office that are paid and printed immediately and for which no customer info is recorded.

Through Quick sales, you can sell event tickets (both seated and unseated), products and vouchers. Bundles are not supported at the moment.

You can access Quick sales through the Orders app:

Go to Quick sales


There are some requirements when you want to use Quick sales:

  • You need at least 1 active delivery scenario of type Manual
  • You need at least 1 active payment scenario of type Immediate with at least 1 payment method of type Internal
  • You should desactivate sending an automatic confirmation mail for the saleschannel Desk (this is necessary because if this is activated, you will need to fill in a customer with a valid e-mail address for each order)

Configuring quick sales

The first time you open Quick sales, you will need to configure at least one event to sell tickets for:


Select the events and/or products that you want to sell tickets for. These events/products will always be visible in the main screen. You can also select the default payment scenario and delivery scenario that should be used. The configuration is stored in the session, so each time you open the Quick sales module, this last known configuration will be used.

Selling tickets using Quick sales

Once the module is opened, a new empty order is created and you can simply start selling tickets by selecting pricetypes:


When you are done adding tickets, click the Add payment button to register the payment.


When the order is fully paid, the order will automatically be confirmed and the tickets will be printed.


In the confirmation window, you can optionally reprint the tickets or go to the actual order detail. When you close the confirmation window, a new order will be created and you can continue selling tickets for the next customer.

While creating an order, you can make following optional changes to the order:

  • you can change the delivery scenario or payment scenario for an order by going to Actions -> Change payment and delivery.
  • you can also add tickets or products that are not in the default list by using the buttons Add products or Add tickets.
  • you can also link a Customer to the order by using the Add customer button.
  • you can add manual order fees.


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