Setting up Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising. You can use the Facebook Pixel to understand the actions people are taking on your website and reach audiences you care about. You can use pixel data to:

  • Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people
  • Build advertising audiences
  • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools

Using and understanding the Facebook Pixel can be a bit challenging. Before you try to link a Facebook Pixel to your Ticketmatic account, you can learn more about the Facebook Pixel, conversion tracking, creating custom audiences for your advertising, and troubleshooting from the Facebook Help Center.

If you have already created a Facebook Pixel, then you’ll need your Facebook Pixel ID to get started.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

You can create only one Facebook Pixel per ad account. If you already have one, then you will see your Pixel dashboard in your Ads Manager when you click the Pixel tab.

To create your pixel:

  • Log in to Facebook and go to your Ads Manager. If you haven’t yet set up an ad account, do so now.
  • From the navigation, select Event Manager -> Pixels


  • If you have a Pixel already, you will see it here. If not, click Create a Pixel.
  • Enter a name for your pixel. You can have only one Pixel per ad account, so choose a name that fits your business.

Retrieve the Pixel ID from the Facebook pixel dashboard:

Pixel id

You find more info on setting up and configuring your Facebook Pixel in the Facebook Help Center.

Adding the Pixel to your Ticketmatic account

Facebook Pixel configuration is managed in the Web sales skins module in the Settings app . Click the button below to go to the Web sales skins module:

Go to web sales skins

Select the web skin where you want to add the Facebook Pixel. Now fill in the Facebook Pixel ID:

Web skin

Using the Pixel

Once the Facebook Pixel is configured, Ticketmatic will start tracking Facebook users on the sales widget pages.

We will track the following events:

  • ViewContent: when the user arrives on the event sales page. We will pass the code of each event and product on that page as parameter
  • AddToCart: when the user add tickets to his basket. We will pass the code for the event or product added to the basket as parameter
  • InitiateCheckout: when the user navigates to the checkout page
  • Purchase: when the user confirms his order. We will pass the code of all events and products in the basket, and also totalamount of the basket as parameters.

More technical info on the events supported by Facebook

Tracking these events gives you detailed insight in conversions and how the users progress through the web sales pages. Go to Facebook Analytics to retrieve this info:



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